Foodbank supports more than 126,000+ South Australians every month with food relief.

Foodbank is the largest food relief charity in Australia, sourcing and rescuing more than 40 million kilograms of food annually for its networks of 2,400 charity partners and 2,500 schools.

They work in cooperation with a network of 586 community based non-profit partner organisations that serve individuals and families in need in South Australia. In addition, they provide direct services via a number of key programs, including via our: Foodbank Food Hubs, Foodbank Pop Ups and Foodbank Hamper Program

One Heart began a partnership with FoodBank in 2020.  Each Thursday fortnightly the FoodBank truck and team are available for anyone in Port Lincoln to purchase heavily subsidised groceries.  Individuals and families have the ability to purchase directly from the truck, or speak with us at One Heart or any other charity in Port Lincoln if you need help with a purchase.  

If you/your family or someone you know could benefit from Foodbank please feel free to contact our office or speak to someone at One Heart Bargain Centre during business hours. 

The Food Truck works on a referral system to ensure those accessing the service are in genuine need of food relief and the food relief efforts are going to where it is needed the most in South Australia.

The Mobile Food Truck has also been designed to assist families during natural disasters and support drought effected regions in the future. Foodbank SA supporter, ElectraNet is helping to ‘power’ the Mobile food hub and keep it on the road for the next four years, after the State Government provided the initial start-up grant.


Here are some answers to common questions.

Every second Thursday of each month from 11am-1pm, the Food Hub is open for shopping.  Click on Events Page to see the calendar to check dates.   

You need to pick up a voucher before you can shop - you can get a voucher any day during business hours from One Heart Bargain Centre opshop, or from the One Heart office in the mornings before the Food truck arrives.  You don't have to pay for the voucher when you get it, you pay when you go shopping at the Foodbank.   

If you are involved with an agency in Port Lincoln, speak with your case manager about purchasing or accessing a voucher to shop with.  

The Mobile Food Hub is in Port Lincoln fortnightly on Thursdays 11am-1pm.  See our Events Page to find out the next date.